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Computer software has undergone extensive functionality in many areas of human life. Almost all the social elements of both in a private organization or country, from the office of the central government to villages all the work has involved computer as the main tool. Not only have that, in a scope more little liked family now there is a computer in their home. For some families sometimes even have more than one, of course adjusted to the number of productive family members and their financial capabilities.

As devices are required to work hard in every operation, computer software technology into one endless piece for exploration. Imagine, the latest computer technology is always present to follow the ever-changing conditions over the times. From manufacturers parties themselves, it is very important because in addition to running the company as well as efforts to maintain its existence. Breakthroughs and discoveries both in the form of software or computer hardware often graced headlines in the mass media and information sites that have been widely circulated. In fact, as it is considered as a topic that has become a lifestyle community at large, some media gave special portion on their news page.

Wide range of articles related hot news latest software computer technology turns graced the headlines of newspapers. If we look, the world has recently been enlivened computer news about Windows 7 is successfully shifting hegemony of Windows XP. Yes, now Windows 7 has managed to take the place as the operating system most widely used by computer users all over the world. This phenomenon is closely related to the reduced number of enthusiasts another Microsoft OS is Windows XP that switching to Windows 7, in which the latter OS is touted as the next generation of Windows XP and of course this is normal because of course everyone wanted a technology upgrade of the old to the new.

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